Hangin’ Out with Kevin

Kevin Smith is my co-worker’s idol. so my co-worker has a Kevin Smith action figure in his cube along with any other action figure you can think of. Seriously his cube is packed full of toys. As a joke I decided to take Kevin and shoot pictures of him with some of my daughters toys. I haven’t really decided what to do with the photos yet and if Kevin will be returned on Monday or if I will continue with the whole taking picture of Kevin thing. Well anyways…here are some of the pictures I have taken so far. And there will most likely be more to come.

At the Simpsons’ house.

With Itchy and Scratchy.

Kevin bowling with Nelson, Milhouse, and Ralph. I’m a huge Simpson fan by the way.

With the Greatful Dead bears and some Barbies.

Littlest Pet Shop animals.

And finally with the Calico animals. This was a pretty fun little project to do.


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