From Baby to Big Girl (Part 1)

We are slowly working on redecorating my daughter’s room. It is going from a Pooh filled nursery to a big girls room. My daughters color choices were pink and purple, pretty typical for a 5 year old girl. Below is her color/texture pallet.Our first project was to transform her Pooh lamp into a pink one. All I did for this was put 2 coats of white paint on it or as many as it takes to hide the original color or design, I prefer to use matte finish. Then I put 2 coats of pink on. I like to add a touch of white to the paint color to help make it look even. Especially since I use cheap acrylic paints, especially with Tryst now. We go through paint like no other…lol. And then top it off with a cool shade and your done!



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