March has come and gone…

I am loving the weather! We were finally able to take our daughter out for some biking, although she is terrified of it and said she is never biking again. But I am sure she will start to love it soon enough. We though we would start planting, I’m new to this so I thought I would start with some grass, and my daughter got a succulent. We will see how the gardening works out, I’m pretty sure I have a black thumb.

My bestie cam over and we had some magical beer drink as we like to call it. If you have not had this it is awesome! Raspberry frozen concentrate + 2 cans beer + vodka = yummy! It sounds gross but it just tastes like raspberry lemonade.I also got to do a bit of shopping. I love my new coral coat, its a bit bright for me I would normally get black but they didn’t have my size. So I thought time to get out of my comfort zone.

My coworker bought a marimo moss ball, I so want one. I was definitely jealous after he ordered it. And i’m obsessed with instagram if you haven’t noticed. Lol!


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