DIY: Painted Pumpkins


We are not much for carving pumpkins in our home, every year we paint them. Mainly it is the easiest way for my daughter to participate in the decorating of the pumpkins. This year I really was hoping to carve, but my daughter really wanted to paint again. Such a little “Picaso”, ha! She is on a huge painting kick as of now.

We generally just use whatever we have around the house for this project, but this year I splurged and bought some glitter glue. So we just used that and acrylic paint, which we always seem to have on hand.

Mod Podge
Acrylic Paint
Glitter Glue

For the glitter pumpkin we painted Mod Podge on it and then sprinkled the glitter on. I love glitter but, I seriously hate the mess. I think this one is my favorite one.

We have one pumpkin left to decorate, its a medium sized one, so I’m thinking of carving it…. we will see, my daughter may have another idea up her sleeve.

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