New Site… Maybe


So I’ve been working on a new portfolio site and a new location for my blog. I’ve been playing around with Squarespace and I’m not fully sure how I like it yet. First I can’t even view it but they did s it may take up to 48 hours for the site to kick in. You can check it out here … if you can even see it. I’m getting kinda frustrated already. So if I do finally get it to work my blog will be moving there. I just want everything in one spot, and to hopefully open my own shop online there to. Let me know if you have any success. Thanks much!

In-case you are wondering about the name, my real name was already taken. And I wanted to come up with something that was sort of Minnesotan. So we came up with Fercute. Maybe it should even be Fer Cute…? Ugh …naming a business. I was worried that it was a dumb idea but so far everyone loves it, even my banker thought it was a fantastic idea. So now we have Fercute, FerCute, Fer Cute…


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