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Animal Tracks

tracks_1tracks_2Two new prints have just been added to my etsy shop! With all the late snowfall we are finding all sorts of animal tracks from the woodland creatures that may have come out of hiding a bit too early. If you follow my instagram you’ve probably have already seen my snow updates.


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We finally got our first big snow storm of the year, here in Minnesota. In one day we received more snow than we did all last year. That’s at least what I heard. But that is kinda how it goes. I think the snow is so pretty but I’m not the biggest fan of the cold, or when the snow starts to melt and gets into ┬áthe slush stage. And now I am really wishing I would have actually taken some more pictures outside while it was snowing with my camera, rather than just taking them with my phone and then putting them on instagram (amycnelson). There’s always the next snowfall right?

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Lately… Drawing


My goal for December is to draw more. I want to become better at drawing. Here are the drawings I did over the weekend, I posted them on my instgram (amycnelson). Not so realistic, but at least I’m drawing again. It is so easy just to sit at the computer and make something without taking the time to draw it first. Usually I always sketch first but they are terrible, I do it just to get the idea down on paper before I forget, because I have a horrible memory. Some of these I will end up inking and putting up in my SHOP. Get ready for loads of drawings…

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